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The Bitcoin trail – adventure game on Twitter!

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The Bitcoin 2020 conference, scheduled to take place in California in late March, was postponed to the third quarter of this year. However, the organizers came up with an original way to keep the bitcoinists’ attention on their Twitter account


created a funny interactive game that is a variation on the classic Oregon trail. The authors of the game draw individual screens in an adventure, followers on Twitter vote in regular polls on how the game should evolve. Currently for example the players vote on what to do with the bear – to cut on food supplies, run over, or something else? Get involved too!


In addition to The Bitcoin trail, other mini-games have emerged in recent days, reflecting current events, especially the unprecedented creation of new money by central banks. In The Fed, you can try the role of Fed Governor, in Brrr money you just spin the money printer at maximum speed.

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