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The British Post Office will allow its customers to purchase BTC

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The cryptocurrencies have taken a significant step forward in terms of adoption during the current week. In El Salvador and Ukraine, passed the parliament new regulatory law on cryptocurrencies, and in the UK, the UK Post Office will enable the purchase of cryptocurrencies thanks to a new partnership.

According to The Telegraph, British Post customers will be able to buy cryptocurrencies thanks to a new partnership UK Post Office with the regulated German crypto exchange Swarm Makers. This will allow customers who have verified their identity via the EasyID mail application to directly access cryptocurrencies on their Swarm site.

This innovation thus expands the already relatively rich possibilities for the British to buy cryptocurrencies. In addition to traditional platforms such as the Binance, Coinbase and Gemini exchanges, PayPal is also coming to the UK market with its crypto services, and most recently the local post office will bring them in a very simple way.

“Access to products and services is increasingly moving into the online world. We registered and responded to this process by launching our free-to-use Post Office EasyID application. It will allow people to build their own secure digital identity on their phone and easily work with it in any company they want to communicate with, “ a spokesman for the UK Post Office described the content of the application, which the British will be able to easily use to buy BTC.

Interestingly, the British Post Office does not receive any commission for its purchases of BTC on Swarm Markers through its application. However, the German exchange will pay the post office a lease for using its ID verification software.

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