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The court decision threatens a number of cryptoexchanges in Russia

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A number of Russian cryptoexchanges in Russia are facing closure following a recent decision by a regional court. The information published on their website is considered illegal, which means that the country’s regulator may block access to their platforms.

Roskomnadzor can place a number of cryptoexchanges on the black list

Russia’s telecommunications regulator Roskomnadzor may block a number of websites that offer the possibility of exchanging and transferring cryptocurrencies using various payment methods, unless their operators remove illegal websites. The threat to online crypto platforms stems from a court decision that recognized their content as prohibited

In early September, Kushnarenkovsky District Court in Bashkortostan, the republic of the Russian Federation, confirmed that the information it disseminated was prohibited under current law, Forklog said. The index of banned Russian sites states websites to which the decision applies.

In its decision, the Regional Court notes that in all these cases the platforms allowed free access without the need for registration.

According to the Digital Rights Center, a law firm hired by operators of six cryptoexchanges, website owners have not been summoned by the court at all. Sarkis Darbinyan, the company’s managing partner, explained that the site was apparently identified on the aggregator.

In the last few years, restrictive measures have often been targeted at BTC-related content sites and crypto services in Russia. Roskomnadzor blocked more than once, but access to favorite sites was eventually restored. In March 2020, the agency added six crypto sites to its list of banned Internet resources, and this June, a court in the Perm area announced its decision to block several cryptocurrency trading sites.

Digital Rights Center lawyers are now preparing formal complaints with a view to seeking the complete annulment of the court ruling. “Prosecutors clearly do not want to accept the fact that the Digital Assets Act has already been adopted and the legislator did not follow the path of a total ban on cryptocurrencies, but only limited the possibilities of its use,” Darbinyan concluded.

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