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The craziest game? Spaceteam is great to play with friends on beer

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The craziest game? Spaceteam is great to play with friends on beer

Certainly it is no harm to have some entertainment on hand to fill a long time, perhaps while waiting for the ordered food.


Spaceteam can be a mobile game not only for such situations. But do not worry, we do not suggest you to sit with friends each silently looking into your phone. Spaceteam requires cooperation with the surroundings, often very loud and funny.


Who controls the wing ?!


Spaceteam is a cross-platform affair, so there’s no problem connecting with friends or family across operating systems. You can use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect, so there should be no problem connecting in any situation.



The basic concept of the game is simple: you must collectively control the spaceship. Although it flies somewhat automatically, but in order to successfully reach the end of each level, it is necessary to address a plethora of different buttons, switches and sliders. And as you may guess, since it is a multiplayer game, the individual parts of the controls are randomly distributed among the players.


Looking at the screenshots you probably wonder if you are kidding. Strange graphics and even stranger commands? But after a minute of playing you will understand what is going on here 🙂


The craziest game? Spaceteam is great to play with friends on beer


What you need to do at this point in the game lets you know with simple instructions. For example, one of the players will be asked to turn on “Polisher”. In most cases, however, it will not find such a switch on its part of the control panel. The player must then shout the instruction and execute it the teammate who has the appropriate button. But he also sees another instruction, whose execution again depends on someone else. And you only have a few seconds to complete each task.


At this point, you probably understand why the game is referred to as a “cooperative shouting game.” The more players play, the more fun the game becomes, and usually louder. In addition to tasks individually divided among players, it is also sometimes necessary to perform some action collectively. For example, everyone can be asked to shake their devices at any time to avoid a meteorite.


Award-winning madness


It is not easy to describe Spaceteam in text. Its qualities are best recognized by testing. The advantage of the game is that it does not become dull even when playing repeatedly. Individual controls move between players after each level, and even if you repeat a round, the progress will not be exactly the same. That’s because from time to time some remote control tears off, or maybe cover by slime and you have to repair it first.


The craziest game? Spaceteam is great to play with friends on beer
The craziest game? Spaceteam is great to play with friends on beer


The game is not intended for several hours of play, but it serves as a momentary fun. After all, it won a number of game awards. The only downside of this is that your other restaurant guests will have a rather strange look at your restaurant table. Commands such as “set gamma radiation to three”, “activate polishers” and “trigger an anti-glare window” can be slightly confusing for the unfamiliar surroundings.

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