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The exact historical phenomenon suggests that BTC is waiting for a big pump during October!

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BTC and a big pump?

According to a popular analyst with a pseudonym TechDev we are just witnessing an event that took place for the first time in 7 years. His latest analysis shows a significant similarity in the index of relative strength, the so-called RSI with a bullrun from 2013. If this phenomenon is confirmed, a big pump is waiting for us.

“BTC already had the second monthly cross of stochastic RSI between 20 and 80 in this cycle. It is an extremely strong bull cross. This cross has occurred only twice in history. In September 2013 and May 2012. These events were followed by large pumps, “said TechDev.

BTC analysis from TechDev
BTC analysis from TechDev. Source: Twitter

Will come a boom in December?

A popular analyst also commented on the current situation Rect Capital, according to which the more significant pressure of the bulls will catch up with us only in December. Although this sounds pretty unrealistic based on the current situation, there may be a decline to 50 000. In the world of cryptocurrencies, no one knows what might happen. Logic has no place here.

The prediction from the analyst Rekt Capital does not completely coincide with the popular model of the analyst PlanB, which says that BTC will reach already in October 63,000 USD which is really very close to ATH. Of course, we monitor the situation around BTC, which you can see in our daily analyzes.

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