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The famous picture of 2-year-old Chloe was sold as the NFT for almost $ 75,000

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In 2013, a video was created, which subsequently conquered the Internet. It captures the reaction of the then 2-year-old girl Chloe, who learns from her mother Katie that they are going to Disneyland on the way in the car. Her facial expressions first amazed YouTube, where the video had more than 20 million views. The cut-out image from this video subsequently became the basis for millions of funny meme images.

“Side-Eying Chloe“Most recently it shone in the area of ​​NFT, ie nonfungible tokens. It was bought at the NFT market by the Dubai-based production company 3F Music, which was willing to pay ETH 25 for it, which at the time was $ 73,953.


The little Chloe family sold the image divided into pixels, each pixel worth 30 cents. The entire NFT was 660 × 471 pixels. “The money is amazing, but the fact that we were able to do it as a family is even more fun,” said Katie after a successful monetization of the successful moment and said that the Ethers do not plan to convert them into dollars, but want to keep them. “In an ever-changing world, they may have more value next week,” Chloe’s mother told the BBC.

3F Music is becoming an avid collector of popular NFTs. They recently bought the meme Disaster Girl for $ 390,000 and also Kevin Roose’s NFT column in the New York Times for $ 560,000. The founder of the company Fardin Fard already owns almost 400 different NFTs in his collection.

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