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The largest forum on the Internet will be using Ethereum

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reddit use ethereum

The Reddit social network and internet forum is likely to use a decentralized blockchain based Ethereum system. Some information has leaked to the Internet to confirm this rumor. Information portals such as Cointelegraph and u-today has already written about this.


According to all available information, it will be a special scoring system, which will be very similar to social credits that already operate on the network in a decentralized form.

Blockchain Ethereum: Reddit uses new technologies

Reddit’s social network and the world’s largest internet forum have released a new video showing the new features of the network.

Reddit gained its place in the sun by offering the opportunity to create large and organized sub-forums. These will play the greatest role in the new social credit system. Due to the wide range of blockchain options, these social credits will actually be ERC-20 tokens. Some of them have become large recognized cryptocurrencies. Brave, for example.

The video says:

Community points are fully controlled by those who own them. They live within the Ethereum blockchain, which has technology that provides adequate protection of rights and freedoms. Even Reddit will not take it.

No one can take your points. They can be used in different ways and in different communities. As time goes by, communities will find their special way of using these points to fit into their culture.

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