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The luxury hotel, bar and carrier began to accept BTC and ETH

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The luxury five-star hotel in the Swiss Alps, Chedi Andermatt, the Venezuelan air carrier Turpial Airlines and the Belgian bar in the center of Brussels, Dolle Mol, are the latest names that accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

Hotel, bar and carrier

According to available information, the luxury hotel will become the first hotel in Switzerland to accept bitcoins or ETH as a payment method for its guests. Chedi Andermatt’s director, Jean-Yves Blatt, said of the adoption of cryptocurrencies:

“Given the popularity of cryptocurrencies, we are proud to be the first Swiss hotel to accept cryptocurrency payments as a secure way for its guests.”

Although Chedi Andermatt may be the first hotel in Switzerland to support digital asset payments, this move is by no means pioneering and significant worldwide. The luxury residences of the Pavilions Hotel & Resort have recently started accepting digital assets.

Another addition is the Venezuelan air carrier Turpial Airlines. Passengers can purchase tickets via BTC through the company’s official website or via PayPal. The Venezuelan carrier is a small company with “only” four international routes and a fleet of three aircraft.

The latest addition is the popular Belgian bar Dolle Mol. Guests can now pay for a pint of beer using digital assets. The owners of the bar have not yet specified which cryptocurrencies they have added. One of the owners, Grégoire, said:

“Cryptocurrencies like BTC are the money of the future. We want to give everyone the opportunity to buy beer using this new payment method. If you want to pay for beer with BTC, for example, you can easily do so using a QR code. “


With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, their adoption is also growing. Any other economic operator who begins to accept cryptocurrencies as currency is another success for the cryptocurrency world. Just keep going. Inspiration.

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