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The main goal for Cardano – 1 billion active blockchain users!

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Cardano network
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The Cardano network has really huge plans that can get the world of cryptocurrencies to the absolute top. Over the next five years, Cardano wants to expand and embrace 50 banks and ten companies from the prestigious Fortune 500 ranking.

Cardano is the cryptocurrency of the future

One billion people in the world who actively use the blockchain. This is the main goal of the Cardano network. If their plans come to fruition, accepting cryptocurrencies will really only be a matter of time. The ADA token is included in the short-term plans. By 2026, it should be actively involved in 50 banks. This report was presented by the Director-General of the Cardano Foundation, Frederik Gregaard.

Interestingly, if the network fails these plans, the ADA intends to be able to convert tokens to various fiat currencies using the Cardano blockchain.

Year 2026

According to the foundation, one of the strongest communities in the world of cryptocurrencies should be within a year 2026 absolutely self-sufficient. In this case, the blockchain will be used by more than 1 billion users.

The plans are clear, but they will not be easy to achieve. To make it all happen, the foundation has put in place a two-tier plan. This includes increasing the demand for blockchain while providing an absolutely perfect decentralized product.

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