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The most important crypto news of the last week

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Adidas launches its own NFT collection, Nike buys RTFKT, Sparkassen and Volksbanken in crypto fever and Myanmar opposition introduces Tether.

Another exciting week in the crypto space is drawing to a close. The most important events around BTC and Co. in a compact overview.

German savings banks in crypto fever

The rumors have been confirmed: The S-payment, the Payment Competence Center of Savings Banks Finance Group, is actually working on a pilot project for crypto integration. The bank is planning to enable trading in cryptocurrencies with an in-house wallet.

However, since all 370 savings banks in Germany ultimately function as an independent bank, the crypto project must be waved through by the committees and then implemented independently by the individual branches.

The savings banks in Germany are not alone with such news. Even with the Volksbanks we asked. The result: Here too, the regional association of Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Bavaria center penetrate the crypto space. The bank focuses on trading BTC. It remains to be seen whether the federal association will still be involved in the project.

Tesla now accepts DOGE

Tesla– Chef Elon Musk was named Person of the Year in the TIME chosen. The detailed interview was of course also about cryptocurrencies. Musk once again took the opportunity to announce his preference for the dog token Dogecoin. According to Musk, the Memecoin is better suited for transactions than BTC.

But that’s not all. Shortly afterwards, the crypto enthusiast let up Twitter announced that his company, Tesla, would now accept Dogecoin “for some products”. What exactly will be for sale with the dog token remains to be seen at the moment.

Myanmar opposition introduces Tether

After the ruling military dictatorship in Myanmar banned the possession and trading of cryptocurrencies, the opposition movement is now back. The National Unity Government (NUG) has now introduced the stablecoin tether (USDT) as the country’s official currency.

on Facebook Opposition Finance Minister Tin Tun Naing suggested using the stablecoin domestically “to simplify and accelerate current trading, service and payment systems.” Cryptocurrencies could thus presumably help to remove payment systems in Myanmar from military control.

Nike buys NFT start-up

The US sporting goods manufacturer announced the start-up in a press release RTFKT to have bought. With the acquisition I would like Nike “Provide the next generation of collectibles that combine culture and gaming,” said a press release.

The young company was founded by three friends only last year. RTFKT has set itself the goal of uniting the NFT and gaming world with unique sneakers and digital artifacts.

Nike had already prepared itself for the digital transformation in 2019. The patent applied for on “Cryptokicks” has so far only been a project on paper. At the end of October of this year, the company then took another step in the direction of crypto and submitted another application for “virtual goods” to the Patent and Trademark Office. Will we soon be able to wear the crypto sneakers in the Metaverse?

Adidas with its own NFT collection

It was exciting until the end, but now the cat is finally out of the bag. Announced some time ago Adidas a cooperation with The sandbox and Coinbase. However, the subject of the crypto collaboration remained a mystery. Now it is clear: Everything revolves around an in-house NFT collection in order to advance into the Metaverse.

As the owner: in an Adidas NFT you can get access to virtual wearables and suitable, physical products for the game The Sandbox. Coinbase is meanwhile charged with the safekeeping of the digital assets. On December 17th, Adidas dropped the NFTs. The rush was great and each wallet was limited to just one transaction, in which you could purchase a maximum of two NFTs.

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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