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The most important news of the last week

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Another exciting week in crypto space came to the end. The most important events around BTC and others at a glance.

Ukraine legalizes BTC

A total of 272 members of the Ukrainian parliament voted in favor of a “law on the recognition of digital assets”. The country has thus created a regulatory framework for the crypto industry.

The national stock exchange supervisory authority should therefore also regulate crypto activities with immediate effect. There has been a corresponding draft law in Ukraine since last year, which should address the crypto market. In the current conflict with Russia, NGOs in the country have already received half a billion US dollars in crypto donations.

Is Warren Buffett a crypto fan after all?

The investor is usually considered a well-known BTC opponent in the scene. However, a new investment in an extremely crypto-friendly bank in Brazil caused a big surprise for some.

In 2018, when he still described BTC as “rat poison squared”, he faltered Berkshire Hathaway now on their investment in the Brazilian Nubank. While Buffett may not be directly invested in BTC and Co., he is nevertheless supporting a company that runs a very friendly BTC course.

BlockFi pays $100 million in fines

The highest penalty ever dealt in crypto space. The lending company must therefore pay $ 100 million to the SEC and the 32 states in which BlockFi was active.

In detail, it was probably about the company’s interest accounts, with which you could earn interest on your crypto assets. BlockFi has just 60 days to pay the fine.

Superbowl as a crypto advertising show

One of the biggest sports spectacles of the year: the Superbowl hits the headlines every year, not least because of the legendary halftime shows and marketing clips. With 800 million spectators, the event is adorned with very expensive advertising slots, some of which are reported on even days after the event.

This year, the Superbowl presented itself with four advertising clips from the crypto world. The rush to the respective websites was so high that Coinbase for example, reported a brief outage.

Canadian Police Turn Off Crypto Tap For Trucker Protests

The trucker protests against the corona measures in Canada have now been made more difficult by the authorities in the country. The Canadian federal police ordered the suspension of 34 crypto wallets that saw an influx of donations to the demonstrations.

A wallets is even said to be worth around $1 million in BTC. With the lockdown, police hope to put an end to funding for the Corona protests.

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