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The new reality show will be about cryptocurrency users trying to regain access to their lost cryptocurrencies

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The casting director asks the unfortunate users of the cryptocurrency if they are willing to use all the remaining attempts to access their resources in front of the camera in a reality show.

Reality show about finding lost coins

Jessica Jorgense addresses cryptocurrency users. who have lost access to their coins. They need participants in a new reality show that will focus on what no crypto enthusiast wants to experience – losing access to the crypto.

“A new series is coming from the manufacturers of Alone and Queer Eye [..]. Forgot your crypto wallet password? – Did you lose the key? – Have you tried everything to unlock the crypto wallet without luck? – Are you ready to reset your cryptocurrency password in any (legal) way? ”

… Then you are one of the chosen ones for the new series.

How to regain access to lost Bitcoins

The content of the reality show will be not only an interesting form of depiction of human misery. A similar act has the potential to draw attention to the importance of storing seeds and private keys. A tender for a cable television series is underway, which:

“At the end of his power, he can offer cryptocurrency users a way to access locked tokens – or at least show viewers some of the options available to them.”

The casting was pointed out by Cointelegraph, who further states that the reality show participants offers expert advice on cryptocurrency and cyber security. It will try to help them regain access to their crypto funds. At the same time, however, he adds that participants must be prepared to lose access to their coins if the renewal attempt is unsuccessful.

One study from April 2020 by the digital research company Cane Island suggeststhat it never will in circulation more than 14 million bitcoins. The reason is incidents users who lost their keys accidentally threw away the hardware containing their wallets, sent it cryptocurrency to the wrong address or did not take adequate measures to hand over their cryptocurrencies after death.


Loss of access to the crypt is constant, despite the existence of a relatively large number of sources of information about cryptocurrencies and work with them. Being your own bank carries with it a responsibility, and the new reality show could at least indirectly draw attention to this. If the team gets enough participants and shoots the series, it will be an interesting act for enlightenment. What about you, did you also be interested in this idea? Would you participate?

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