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The NFT game Axie Infinity runs a staking program with its own AXS token

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Axie Infinity staking AXS

Axie Infinity, an NFT game based on Ethereu’s blockchain, has announced the launch of a staking program for its token – Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). According to the announcement of September 30, AXS holders can start stacking their tokens. Rewards will be activated within 24 hours to ensure that all time zones can be connected in advance.

“Staking is a way for us to reward members of our community for long-term token locking,” The Axie Infinity team stated in the announcement that stakingom players can earn AXS rewards.

Start AXS staking

The team plans to give voting rights and comment on the use of the treasury through staking. At the time of writing, the treasury has society Axie Infinity more than 18 million tokens worth more than $ 1.4 billion.

A total of 2 million tokens will be distributed during the first month of the staking program. About 58 million of the 270 million AXS tokens are in circulation and the rest will be released through staking and rewards, the announcement said.

Tokens, which are also listed on several crypto exchanges, are just a small piece of the game. In addition, you get their players directly they buy, can also gain gaming success, such as participation in leaderboards or winning tournaments.

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