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The number of SHIB holders exceeded 800,000

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The number of SHIB holders exceeded 800,000
Shiba Inu total number of unique addresses chart for 1 month. Source:

Specifically, the total number of unique SHIB holders now stands at 816,790, with the top 10 holders representing 72.04% percent of all SHIB.

It is worth noting that one wallet bought around $ 8,000 SHIB last August and the store is currently worth $ 5.7 billion. In approximately 400 days, the value of SHIB increased from $ 8,000 to $ 5.7 billion.

By contrast, the total number of addresses for Dogecoin is 4,453,980, which is significantly more than Shiba Inu.

The number of SHIB holders exceeded 800,000
Graph of the total number of unique dogecoin addresses in 1 month. Source:

SHIB demand is causing exchange to fall

In particular, the sharp rise in demand for Shiba Inu led Coinbase to collapse for a short time on Wednesday. According to reports, other exchanges also had comparable problems.

Similarly, Robinhood’s online brokerage app collapsed in May because its cryptocurrency trading algorithms failed to keep pace with the Dogecoin boom.

Shiba Inu on Twitter

SHIB reached more than 1 million tweets in a single day, making it number one on Twitter’s list of trendy topics and becoming the most discussed issue on the social media network.

As a result, SHIB was the third most actively traded token on October 27 (after Tether and BTC only), with a daily trading volume of $ 39.5 billion, according to


Shiba Inu is currently terribly volatile. Over the past 24 hours, it has managed to climb from $ 0.000056 to $ 0.000086 and then fall back to $ 0.000057. Currently, the price of the token is around $ 0.00007239 USD. SHIB can thus bring its investors large profits, but also large losses.

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