March 6, 2021


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The purchasing power of the dollar will go down and Bitcoin can use it to rise

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Bitcoin in 2020 can shine a lot. At least that’s what Coindesk Omkar Godbole, a leading information analyst, thinks. In his very extensive and comprehensive analysis, he applies a fundamental analysis and draws a number of interesting insights, which he summed up by the fact that 2020 will not only survive, but will emerge even stronger than ever.

The purchasing power of the dollar will go down and Bitcoin can use it to rise

2020 Bitcoin will survive. In stronger or weaker form. However, the question remains what the future is preparing for us. Analyst from Coindesk Godbole comes with an interesting analysis based on a number of experts who expect a rise in consumer prices.

Fear of losing market power of the dollar

Stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies can grow to high heights. But the question is what to do with the dollar that we get. Market power is all that matters. Bread in Germany after the First World War cost millions, but no one rejoiced and enjoyed the best investment in human history.

Rich Bernstein, a former strategist at Bank of America, said on April 3 that he expected the economy to stagnate and the associated stagflation. This is precisely the cause of the falling purchase price. In stagflation, purchasing power is reduced and the price of goods increases. Simply put, on paper everything will look like the best investment in life. But in fact it will not, quite the contrary.

Godbole deduces from his analyse that it is Bitcoin that can use this hole to rise, because it can only be 21 million, to use.


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