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The search for “Bitcoin halving” on Google is growing exponentially!

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Google’s search engine has seen an increase in searches for “Bitcoin halving.” Investors are probably preparing and the new ones are looking for what’s going on. More and more newcomers are interested in cryptocurrency investments.

The search for "Bitcoin halving" on Google is growing exponentially!

According to data from Google Trends, there is a huge interest in the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin. It has been growing slowly for several years, but over the last few months there has been a particular increase in halving, the imaginary feast of the cryptocurrency king, in which the reward for one busy block is halved.

What is shocking is the fact that interest has long since exceeded that of 2016. After 2017, most even smaller investors know about cryptocurrencies and maybe even bought a few hundred cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin got into the head and became popular.

The analytical company Acrane Research shared the results of its work on Twitter:

Halving is traditionally associated with high expectations. However, investors are wondering whether this will continue to be the case at a time when the coronavirus crisis is raging around the world. However, if Bitcoin keeps the price above 7300, it will still be on a yearly basis in plus. This cannot be said about stocks or most commodities.

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