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The SundaeSwap testnet launches on the Cardano network today | Developer Shiba Inu does not agree with the statement about the coinage of coins

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The InputOutput team announced a partnership with SundaeSwap to launch their test network on the Cardano blockchain, scheduled for today. The announcement was preceded by a meeting with CIO Pi Lanningham to discuss the growing Cardano ecosystem.

“We are working with SundaeSwap to launch their testnet on Cardano, which begins on Sunday, December 5th.

We met the CIO, Pi Lanningham, to talk about our collaboration, their launch and the growing #Cardano $ ADA ecosystem. ”

After a few months, the upcoming DEX SundaeSwap test network is now preparing for its final launch. In anticipation of the launch of Alonzo, various dApp projects have announced their commitment to launch on the Cardano blockchain.

These include Adax, Liqwid, CharliЗ and SundaeSwap. However, SundaeSwap, which resembles PancakeSwap on BSC or SushiSwap on Ethereum, is the first to go.

The goal of launching the testnet is to solve the problem using publicly available testers.


Shitoshi Kusama, who calls himself the developer of the Shiba Inu coin, called on Jordan Belfort or the Wolf of Wall Street to take a closer look at the cryptocurrency and understand that it has potential uses.

“Sorry bro, but SHIB is not useless. I’m always open to discussion.… In the meantime, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to prove that you were wrong.” wrote on Twitter

The famous stockbroker, who was jailed for money laundering and securities fraud in the early 21st century, sharply criticized the coin in an interview with the British outlet The Sun.

The 58-year-old speaker and businessman said that Shiba Inu could not be considered a suitable investment and that it was difficult for anyone to make a fortune on it, despite occasional success:

“You listen to a crazy story about people who make a million and a billion, but for every person like that, there are 10,000 or 100,000 people who have wasted everything by investing in Shiba Inu.”

Belfort also expressed the view that the creators of some meme coins should go to jail. He apparently realized a clear parallel between his previous activities and some of new cryptocurrency projects.

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