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The web creator wants to save the internet. His idea is supported by Google, Facebook and Microsoft

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Tim Berners-Lee is the creator of the Web – he designed both the basics of HTML and HTTP, and now manages the W3C. Now he intends to save the Internet through a nonprofit campaign supported by large technology companies such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

The upcoming nonprofit group is supported by big players like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, but also Reddit, DuckDuckGo, GitHub (under Microsoft) or reporters without borders. It aims to create a contract that invites companies to better manage user data, political advertising, and governments to provide citizens Internet access.

The web creator wants to save the internet. His idea is supported by Google, Facebook and Microsoft

Andrian Lovett, CEO of the World Wide Web Foundation, commented on this in an interview with CNBC. He drew attention to the growing influence of fake news and hateful content that is rampant on the Internet. The new treaty aims to bring together companies and governments and to show that concrete steps need to be taken to improve.

There should be 76 different points inside, with the main point being free internet access for all. Not all of the world’s people have access to it. Not every organization needs to follow all the points, but most of them should relate to them. The treaty should also serve as a basis for the governments.

The Treaty is thus a response to the ongoing problems that have arisen recently. We all remember the leaks from Facebook in the Cambridge Analytica case, or even listening to recordings of smart home assistants by real employees. The pressure on large companies to protect users’ privacy is now increasing and coming from all sides. But the question is whether the current effort will bring the desired change.

So rescuing or transformation of the Internet into a centralized network controlled by a corporations? That is the question.

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