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The world’s 10 richest people lost $ 38 billion on black Monday – Forbes says

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The world's 10 richest people lost $ 38 billion on black Monday - Forbes says

US stock markets experienced another bloody day as the main stock indices S&P 500 and Dow Jones fell by more than 7%. According to some data, Monday became the worst day for US stocks since the financial crisis in 2008.


At a time of great concern about the coronavirus epidemic, the US stock market is experiencing major declines. Black Monday, as it began to be nicknamed by several financial journals, caused huge losses to the richest people in the world.


Bitcoin dropped by more than 10% in the same day and altcoins by a few percent more in 24 hours. According to Forbes news magazine, the ten richest people in the world lost more than $ 38 billion in one day as a result of a stock market collapse.


According to Forbes, the biggest loss was recorded by the third richest person in the world, Bernard Arnault. A French businessman reportedly suffered a loss of $ 6 billion a day. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos lost $ 5.6 billion, and famous investor Warren Buffet lost $ 5.4 billion.


The failure of US stock markets has also affected the founder of the world’s largest social network, Mark Zuckerberg. He lost to $ 4.2 billion during Monday. Mark Zuckerberg is currently ranked sixth in the world’s richest people.


Companies lost also


In addition to the ten richest people in the world, Black Monday also touched on global technology companies. Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and Alphabet have lost $ 321.6 billion, according to Forbes.


The biggest drop was recorded by US technology giant Apple, where the loss was $ 100 billion.


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