May 13, 2021


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These signals point to the BTC bull run in the second quarter

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These signals point to the BTC bull run in the second quarter

Well-known analyst Willy Woo shared on Twitter interesting evidence that we will face the BTC bull market during the rest of the second quarter. Global assets such as US stock indices are experiencing hard times, but at the time of their rest, the BTC shows that the bull market is around the corner.


Willy Woo: Twitter legend


His good analysis has already attracted many people following him on the network. Now he came up with other interesting information. Woo noticed an interesting parallel between BTC and gold. The two markets were slowly starting to disconnect from the common path they had gone with the S&P 500 a few days ago.


Moreover, the flagship digital tender indicates that there is an accumulation phase. If so, perhaps cryptocurrency investors have calmed down from the initial shock of a rapid fall in stocks and oil. In addition, the global fight against coronavirus is improving, which, at least in Europe, will no longer surprise any unprepared country.


Woo wrote on Twitter:


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