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This SUV relies on the blockchain

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The manipulation of vehicle data is still a common problem – especially in the used car trade. 

The EU reacted back in 2017 and issued a regulation that stipulates that the mileage in the car must be “systematically protected”. Nevertheless, newer models are still susceptible to manipulation.

Alfa Romeo uses NFT in the new “Tonale”

Apparently you can see that too Alfa Romeo so. The Italian automaker introduced the 2023 SUV model “Tonale” in early February. They also rely on the use of blockchain technology – more precisely on NFTs.

This is a blockchain certificate that Alfa Romeo generates at the customer’s request. The NFT initially contains the manufacturer’s data such as equipment, color and vehicle version. During use or when selling, customers can also create another NFT that provides information about usage data such as mileage, driving cycles or battery status.

The question arises as to where the NFTs are stored. A wallet is not integrated in the car, says a company spokeswoman for the parent company Stellantis. Rather:

The customer gets a wallet in a special cloud so that he can store more than one certificate, for example for several vehicles (there is one for each vehicle). It is managed via a mobile app, with a dedicated link to ‘create’ the NFT.


The technical basis of the NFT function cannot yet be communicated. However, this much is certain: Alfa Romeo does not use an in-house blockchain solution. You can find out here how the technology can transform the mobility sector in general.

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