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This will not please video game fans – Steam will ban games that contain cryptocurrencies and NFT!

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Steam bans cryptocurrencies and NFT

Steam, one of the largest platforms for online games, will not allow the publication and promotion of games that run on blockchain technology.

The company claims that games that participate in the sale of cryptocurrencies or NFTs will also be banned.

Steam is fundamentally against the NFT

The ban on Steam games that use cryptocurrencies and NFTs has not been completely banned unexpected. Last month game developer “Satoshis Games”, NFT has announced that Valve will not allow them to make their “Light Nite” game available on the Steam platform. The company does not allow the operation of those games which, according to them, do not ultimately have “real value”.

Light Nite is a game in which players can earn NFT by simply playing this game and completing various tasks. Later, they can sell their earned NFTs in the real market for real money. Similarly, there is the game Age of Rust, in which players can use NFT to unlock certain types of rewards in the game. Because both of these games allow players to buy digital assets for real money, they are not in line with the policy Valve.

Will the competition seize the opportunity?

Steam is one of the largest companies in this field, but, of course, they are not the only ones. Competitors can use this solution. Epic Games Store’s main competitor announces that “is open for games supporting cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based assets. “

The company is also ready to work with NFT innovation, however with certain restrictions and rules. These types of games will have to comply with financial laws, be age-restricted and must use their own payment systems instead of the payment service built into the platform.

Creator Tim Sweeney has long said that his company is not interested in NFT. But after Steam was banned from using the services, Sweeney began to talk about these innovative technologies quite positively and pointed out the benefits of blockchain.

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