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To Fix The Runtime 91 Error The Easy and Safe Way – Beginner Tutorial

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Runtime Error 91 is a common yet destructive error. Sometimes it happens for a reason but there are times however when it shows up on one’s PC randomly. This error can cause a lot of inconveniences to users since it doesn’t always provide an explanation as to how it surfaced or what caused it to surface. The good news is that Runtime error 91 is reversible and can be rectified.

The error message typically follows the format below:

  • Runtime Error 91: Object variable or with block variable not set”

This error typically manifests itself when one is attempting to run a program that is corrupted or has problems with its code consistency. Examples of causes are virus or malware infection, corrupted file, registry problems and missing DLL. Most of the time this error can be traced to the DCOMCnfg.exe program in your computer not running correctly, which would have a direct impact on your system’s ability to load files it needs for operating.

How To Fix The Runtime 91 Error

The first step to fix the error you’re seeing is to set all the correct settings with “DCOMCnfg.exe”. The “DCOMCnfg.exe” has a built in feature where it blocks permissions on a set number of programs and files. It is an application that your system uses to help in managing certain components of your PC, such as controlling file permissions and loading files and applications. Whenever “DCOMCnfg.exe” blocks or prevents access to your system’s files, Runtime Error 91 follows. When this happens, you need to change the permission settings of “DCOMCnfg.exe” on your computer, making it accessible to anyone and not just the administrator.

Another reason on why this error message surfaces is because of virus infections. If you suspect that your computer has viruses that are causing your system to experience Runtime Error 91, you need to flush out these threats right away with a good antivirus program. There are many antivirus programs available in the market today and a lot are available via downloading on the Internet. Just make sure that you choose a highly reliable and efficient antivirus program that is guaranteed to clean your system of malwares and viruses.

Another approach to addressing Runtime Error 91 is cleaning your system’s registry. The registry is a vital database in your PC that stores important files, programs and applications that Windows uses for operating. The registry is being used frequently in the operation of computers which may result in it being easily damaged or corrupted. A case in point is that when a user accesses his PC’s software, the registry will be read hundreds of times to retrieve information, which can cause it to breakdown. Another issue with registries is that they store a lot of information such as settings and applications, which also makes it vulnerable to damage and corruption. If you think that your PC’s registry is having problems, causing your system to experience Runtime Error 91, you need to use a reliable registry cleaner to repair those issues and bring your PC back to normal again.

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