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Tone Vays says that BTC will reach $ 100,000 on 99%! just needs to overcome ATH

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Tone Vays says that BTC will reach $ 100,000 on 99%! just needs to overcome ATH


Tone Vays, a former risk analyst at Bear Stearns and a well-known personality in the cryptoworld, is very optimistic about Bitcoin’s long-term growth.


Who is Tone Vays

He worked on Wall Street for 10 years. He initially worked as a Risk Analyst at Bear Stearns and later became vice president at JP Morgan Chase. He specializes in economic trends, trading and risk analysis. Since 2013, he has been very active in promoting awareness of economic freedom. By the way, this well-known influencer in the cryptoworld visited Parallel Polis this year.


Growth to $ 100,000?

As for Bitcoin’s maximalism, Tone Vays is a member. The Altcoins does not support so much, but he trusts Bitcoin. According to him, the big test will now be whether the BTC can exceed the maximum achieved last July, when the BTC reached almost 14 thousand dollars.

Another important point will be ATH at approximately $ 20,000. Bitcoin cost so much at the end of 2017 before moved on to the long-term downtrend that we still have in mind.

If the king of cryptocurrency is able to achieve this maximum at any time in the long term, respectively to overcome, Vays says it will follow $ 100,000.


“If this week closes above $ 9,000, I become a bull in February. […] Am I ready to announce a bull market? No. We have a lower maximum, we have a higher minimum, but we need a higher maximum.

I don’t mind buying bitcoins [over $ 13,900]. I don’t mind buying bitcoins here. Maybe I’ll sell my car. Maybe I’ll sell my apartment. I don’t know, I’ll figure something out. I have no problem buying $ 20,000 bitcoins. I have no problem with that because then I will be 99% sure that my Bitcoin will cost $ 100,000. But I’m not willing to buy Bitcoin with the expectation that it will drop by 50%. ”


The optimism is soon!

Like Vays, Scott Melker of TexasWest Capital says it’s premature to open champagne. Despite the fact that January 2020 was an above-average month. Melker is now tracking $ 10,540 as an important price level for further development:


“Price and volume are rising together, indicating a bullish trend… It’s too early to celebrate. [but…] Downtrend is probably broken. ”



If you are watching Bitcoin in the long run, you may find the price levels listed interesting. A little optimism fits. Tone Vays gives us his confidence in the fact that if the BTC rises above the current ATH, we will see 99% growth somewhere in the region of around $ 100,000. And as for the Altcoins… At least those that survive until then are likely to grow as well.

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