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Tony Hawk creates the biggest skatepark in the Metaverse

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Tony Hawk, the legendary American professional skater, has announced a new partnership with the metaverse The Sandbox. According to the announcement, together they will build the biggest virtual skatepark in the metaverse. Additionally, Tony Hawk announced that he will be releasing an exclusive collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The NFTs will be launched alongside the Autograph platform and, associated with these assets, will be launched a set of physical experiences called “Tony Hawk Land”. The terrain will allow players to create their skateparks, use their NFTs and participate in contests. The news comes on the heels of the announcement of the cancellation of the Tony Hawk sequel Pro Skater 3 & 4.

The Sandbox continues to advertise high-profile partnerships with organizations such as The Smurfs, Ubisoft, Binance, WMG and Adidas. In addition to them, who also have partnerships with The Sandbox, are Atari and CryptoKitties.

Tony Hawk and the Metaverse

The creation of Tony Hawk’s Land aims to promote skateboarding culture globally. The idea is that the virtual landscape of The Sandbox will appeal to the skate community that will be able to experience the digital world. As the announcement highlights, Tony Hawk Land will include 36 terrains, making it the largest skatepark in the metaverse.

In practice, the terrain will allow players to create their own custom skateparks, giving users creative freedom. At the same time, players can use Game Maker software to build the skateparks and import them into the metaverse. Then they can skate with other players in the virtual world.

The experience will also have its own marketplace, where it will be possible to buy and sell NFTs. These NFTs can be iconic skateboards, gear, accessories and clothing similar to the Hawks.

There will also be a legendary NFT skateboard that Tony Hawks used at the X Games in 1999. At this event, he became the first skater in the world to land a 900 on a vertical ramp. Lastly, Tony Hawk added that he’s excited to bring skateboarding culture to the metaverse.

“I’ve been a fan of new technologies all my life so I’m fascinated by the metaverse,” he said.

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