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TOP 3 cryptocurrencies with the potential to make a big appreciation by the end of the year

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Cryptomens with potential
source: Wit Olszewski

In recent days, it looks very poor on altcoin charts. However, this is a great opportunity for investors to buy cryptocurrencies again at a very attractive price. It is especially important to choose quality projects that are not pump and dump, but guarantee the quality of the activity and the services or products offered. Let’s look at which cryptocurrencies have great potential for gain.


ETH can expect a very fruitful period at the end of this year. Apart from a few major conferences, the main topic is a major update, which should take place around 27 October 2021, specifically in block 74240. This will be the first major Beacon Chain update. The aim will be to move even closer to full integration ETH 2.0 network. In addition, ETH has had several other significant improvements over the last 12 months, and compared to 2020, this cryptocurrency is currently unrecognizable. There is no doubt that this is what will attract investors. Among the main and stable highcap coins (not counting mainly new coins such as SOL and the like), together with the Binance coin, it is one of the most profitable highcap altcoins.

Binance coin – May surprise

Exchange Binance is returning to normal after the last problems. So far, it has managed the new regulatory rules very well and has avoided any ban. On the contrary, which is very positive, the exchange managed to launch the NFT market and continues to maintain the largest volumes among all crypto exchanges. They also work on various other projects such as charity and Binance smartchain. If a Binance coin will be an even more profitable cryptocurrency than BTC by the end of the year, so it might come as no surprise.

BTC – Everything can change

The last months of the year are usually quite negative in the altcoin market. The long-term or short-term altcoin season begins around Christmas. This is what the market has always looked like in recent years. It could, of course, be a coincidence. However, what remains a very important factor is that with the current growth of BTC, all other altcoins are losing significant value. In the past, such a trend often lasted for months. Therefore, as an alternative to what the market might look like in 3 months, for example, is that BTC regain its dominance and go, for example, to 50% of the capitalization of the entire market. It would therefore come as no surprise if, among the top 20 altcoins, BTC was the most profitable in the last 3 months of the year.

Conclusion – buy quality cryptocurrencies

It is definitely necessary to follow the rule that investing in unknown cryptocurrencies is more gambling as serious trading, resp. stock market investment. On the other hand, there is no need to exaggerate so much that I only buy BTC and that’s it. Properly distributed portfolio into quality projects is the complete basis.

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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