March 6, 2021


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TOP 3 facts about Bitcoin

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TOP 3 facts about Bitcoin

Most people in the cryptocommunity take Bitcoin as an investment tool. They only care how much Bitcoin costs and when its price goes up or down. But money is not everything, is it? Let’s take a little distance from the market situation and look at the top 3 facts.


Less than 1% of people own Bitcoin


As of Q1 2019, only 32 million Bitcoin wallets were registered. This figure does not even make up 1% of the world’s population. Are you surprised? Every month, more companies support Bitcoin. In some countries you can even buy a public transport ticket.


But if you ask someone to whom don’t tell every night about how you earned a fortune in Bitcoin, in 99% of cases you get a “What is Bitcoin?” Yes, if you’re reading this article, you’re in that little the percentage of people who know what Bitcoin is, and you are ahead of the rest of the world. But when a big player called Facebook with their Libra cryptocurrency comes into the market, 1% will surely become a much larger proportion of the population.


Fight against countries where its citizens are oppressed


Currently, there are 49 states, representing nearly 50% of the world’s dictatorial government. Citizens have no right to influence the currency, banks or are subject to censorship. These people are saved by Bitcoin. With Bitcoin, nearly 4 billion people can protect their property or buy things abroad.


Let’s look at China, for example. More than 1.3 billion people live here. While the state has banned trading in cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has no way to cancel. Although the censorship of the Internet is enormous, many people have no internet access at all. Bitcoin “lives” on, because it can be sent even via SMS or satellite.


Can Bitcoin be compared to sand?


I’m sure you’re wondering what a stupid headline is, but Bitcoin can really be compared to sand. When mining Bitcoin miners use a specific value under the name Hash rate. And that’s exactly what you can compare to grains of sand all over the globe. Are you wondering how? BTC miners extract approximately 69 trillion small parts in 1 second. And this huge number is about 10 times the number of sand grains on Earth. Do you know, who probably counted all the grains in the world? That’s a mystery, but it’s really interesting.




It is certainly interesting information. Mainly, it is a matter of time to let the market values ​​out of your head and look for such reports and realize that the world is not just about money, even if it is needed.


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