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TOP 3 useful blockchain platforms with the possibility of earning

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TOP 3 useful blockchain platforms with the possibility of earning

As cryptoenthusiasts , we should definitely not avoid decentralized alternatives. In addition to the fact that these platforms often offer the possibility to earn a little money (cryptocurrency), we have more reason to try.

3 profitable blockchain platforms

Do not expect any quick getting rich or miracle machines for money. However, with a little effort, these platforms can offer you a rather interesting alternative that can also bring you an interesting financial benefit.

Brave Browses (BAT)

Brave Browser and his Basic Attention Token (BAT) have recently received great interest. It is one of our top 3 platforms because it is a profitable web browser.

We all go online, and at least for mobile, Brave is an ideal choice because it is fast and has built-in privacy or blocking annoying ads. Brave is available for Android and iOS. Especially its user privacy feature is a big step forward and is already worth a try.

Brave supports most Google Chrome add-ons and applications. The leader of the team Brendan Eich, who created the JavaScript scripting language and contributed to the development of the popular Mozilla Firefox browser.

You can earn as a verified content creator, but also as a regular user by turning on ads serving.

Steemit (STEM)

You should definitely not miss Steemit in the list. So far, he is such a king when it comes to decentralized platforms. This is a combination of a social network and a blog that rewards you for creating original content, but also for additional activity. especially posting of other people’s posts, so it is not really necessary to write, take pictures, etc.

Steemit is literally a world where you can discover many related features, pages, applications, tokens and interesting content from other members.


The last of the three profitable platforms is LBRY. It acts as a decentralized platform for sharing video content. Again, it allows you to earn some profit from something you otherwise do regularly for free.

You must download the application (available for Linux, MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android) to participate in the LBRY ecosystem.

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