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TOP 3 Ways to Get BAT Tokens in Brave Browser

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TOP 3 Ways to Get BAT Tokens in Brave Browser

One of the newest and safest Internet browsers today is Brave. In addition to security and ad blocking, you can use it to get the Basic Attention Token (BAT). And absolutely FREE! No investment. Many already know this fact. But do you know that there are three ways to get the BAT cryptocurrency through Brave?


Brave is an innovative digital advertising and rewarding platform founded by the JavaScript inventor and co-founder of Mozilla & Firefox, which rewards users with the Basic Attention Token for choosing Brave Ads.


Brave comes first with a privacy-friendly web browser, blocking all unwanted ads in the preset mode. But you have no problem changing that.

So how to get BAT token?


Get basic BAT by tracking Brave Ads


The entire ad matching process is performed exclusively on your device, and your data remains yours, not being sent anywhere. Your privacy is Brave’s top priority. Depending on your browser activity, Brave Rewards decides which ads to show, but the entire billing process is completely anonymous.


Right from the Brave setup, you can enable ad tracking and get paid (typically around 0.1 BAT) for each ad.


Get a BAT token by logging in as a creator


The second way to earn more BAT on Brave is to become a creator.


Do you own a website, YouTube channel, custom publication, Twitch channel, Vimeo channel, Twitter account, Reddit or GitHub account? If so, Brave Rewards can help you earn even more for what you do best and get a fair share of online advertising.


Get BAT by promoting Brave Browser


You can get more from the BAT token by recommending Brave to your family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors and, of course, strangers.


Brave pays between $ 1 and $ 7.5 – depending on the region or country, for each person who installs and uses Brave on their devices. Check the amount you earn as a recommended user, depending on their region and country of residence. Then find out where to look.




Brave is a unique tool that took the BAT token under its wings. I think both of them will show us their strength and substance in the near future.



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