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TOP 5 cryptocurrencies for summer 2020 – Which are they?

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We will look at the most interesting cryptocurrencies, which have a high appreciation potential over the summer. What will we focus on? It will be mainly the fundamental aspect and the planned development of the project.

TOP 5 cryptocurrencies for summer 2020 - Which are they?


Binance coin – CMC and other news

In the case of the Binance coin, however, we would like to say that this is the best fundamental project on the crypto scene ever. Only a few days ago, Binance invested or bought the most famous analytic crypto currency coinmarketcap website. Over the next few days, they plan to make a major change to this portal. They plan to add mainly new features and change / improve several products it offers. Their goal is to continue to develop their own exchanges, which they have been building since 2017.

Bitcoin – Halving and hope for growth

After many years, Bitcoin will record a significant fundamental event. During May, the reward for miners will be halved. What does it mean? That in the same period, in this case one block, will not release into circulation 12.5 BTC, but only 6.25 BTC. This reduction can have a very positive effect on price. As such a large amount of coins will no longer go to the exchanges, this gives us a clear signal that the BTC can start to grow immediately after the halving.

Unus Sed Leo

Unus Sed Leo (or LEO) is a relatively new cryptocurrency. It is backed by Bitfinex. We can say for the most part that this is a less conspicuous alternative to the BNB cryptocurrency. While the Binance coin was losing over the past year, LEO, on the other hand, grew mostly. But the question (given the history of this exchange), whether its price is not artificially inflated. It doesn’t matter. We can use great growth and try to evaluate our portfolio.

It can be expected that LEO will continue to grow in the coming months. But beware! I would take this altcoin purely as speculative, if there will be enough evidence on Bitfinex that they are manipulating the market through USDT and LEO, this may mean a rapid demise like Bitconnect for this exchange. Of course they’re all speculation. And so there is no need to crash this project right away. Bitfinex couldn’t clearly explain why it was making several billion USDTs out of nowhere, but on the other hand, there might be a reason to did so. Only time will show everything. Coin – The new generation of cryptocurrencies

The CRO coin is a fixed star in the crypto world. Within a few years they managed to create several successful products. It is worth mentioning their own payment card Monaco. During this year they plan to complete several other projects under construction. Complete information, whitepaper and roadmap can be found on this link.

VET – Forgotten altcoin?

VET is one of the older Altcoins. It is a quality project that actively works on further development. Already in 2017 they had prepared a roadmap for several years. They have already achieved most of their goals. But there is a problem! The coin is highly undervalued if we look on its potential. But it is only a matter of time before it finally gets caught up in traders and begins to grow.

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