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TOP 5 cryptocurrencies that must not be missing in your portfolio

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TOP 5 cryptocurrencies that must not be missing in your portfolio

In previous aticles we have looked mainly at shitcoins, which are either “on the brink of death”, or their price points to 0 satoshi, or, on the other hand, coins that have a high profit potential if they complete their unfinished projects. In today’s article, we look at powerful projects that have already accomplished something in the cryptocurrency world and have had something behind them.


BNB – Binance Coin


Undoubtedly the most famous and fastest growing project is Binance. It is a company that owns several stock exchanges and supports trading with several hundred Altcoins and of course Bitcoin. In its 3-year history, the Binance has become the most famous and unrivaled most visited crypto exchange in the world.


Binance Coin should not be missing in our portfolio of cryptocurrencies. Especially nowadays, when its price has lost a large part of its value in recent months, it is worth speculating a possible investment.


[crypto coins=”BNB” columns=”1″]


ETH – Ethereum


ETH is another project that has been stable in the cryptoworld for several years. The emergence of the current version of ETH is quite curious and I do not know that there was no such coin between cryptocurrencies. In mid-2015, after the original version (ETC – Ethereum Classic) was found to be unsafe for users, a hard fork occurred.


A new, safer version of Ethereum was created. The community decided to support this new version. That’s why the current price is almost $ 300. And just after its inception, Ethereum traded for less than one dollar. It is a very powerful project of a large developer community that is growing every year.


[crypto coins=”ETH” columns=”1″]


BAT – Basic Attention Token


Given that Google is a global giant, it is virtually impossible to beat and compete with it today. Whether the browser or its other products, such as Gmail. In the crypto world, only a few projects have been found in recent years that wanted to compete with Google Corporation. Presearch is also an example.

All of these projects, however, resulted mainly in failure. The only browser currently breaking records for downloads and usability is Brave. It is through this browser that you can get FREE BAT coins, and only for watching unannoying pop ads. Also this project with its products proved that it can build a successful company.


[crypto coins=”BAT” columns=”1″]


VET – VeChain


VeChain is another stable project that already has its place here. It is a project whose aim is to fully ensure the identity of the product. Its solutions are as follows: When transporting, for example, wines from one end of the world to the other, it will be ensured that no one exchanges this product for another, cheap scrap. This will prevent counterfeiting of products.


Of course, this convenience has other uses, not only when moving goods. It is these conveniences that he tries to apply to everyday life. VeChain is currently unrivaled and there is no such large project in the cryptoworld.


[crypto coins=”VET” columns=”1″]


HT – Huobi token


Huobi Crypto Exchange is a competition of Binance. Although they have much in common, there are many differences. Compared to Binance, Huobi focuses more on high-capital investors. For these users strive to achieve maximum comfort.


In addition to a good crypto exchange, they regularly organize events to which traders from this exchange are invited directly. If everything goes according to their goals and investors with high capital continue to grow, Huobi can easily become the most famous crypto exchange in the world in a few years.


[crypto coins=”HT” columns=”1″]




This is a selection of only the most famous altcoins, mostly from the TOP 50 by CMC (CoinMarketCap). With over 5,000 altcoins on the market, choosing this ranking is not easy, and each of us can, of course, have our favorite projects to invest in.

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