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Top 5 metaverse tokens with great growth prospects

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YouTuber (Altcoin Daily) and crypto trader Austin Arnold have concluded that metaverse tokens have the most fundamental potential.

Top 5 metaverse tokens

First mentioned the blockchain of Theta Network and its native token Theta and according to him, this project has an important infrastructure for the development of metaverse.

“As metaverse and metaverse-based virtual events and games continue to grow, Theta is positioned as a key infrastructure to support them in terms of technology. “

Another token on the list is a fantasy game Gaia Everworld (GAIA), supported by Polуgon Blockchain Scaling Solution (MATIC). According to Arnold, Gaia Everworld is an addictive game in which players can form a kingdom. Arnold believes that GAIA has great potential thanks to its unique technology and strong support.

“This project is supported by big names – Polygon, AU21 Capital, Bullperks, EnjinStarter.” Another distinguishing feature is the technology. It has a ZD unit, an Unreal Engine and, of course, it is built on the Polygon. ”

Arnold then alerted the audience to a space adventure Star Atlas (ATLAS) based in Solana. Added that ATLAS is interesting for its fast-growing fan base.

“One of the main reasons I think Star Atlas is a metaverse worth paying attention to is how fast the community is growing. Star Atlas Discord has just recorded 100,000 members. This is a great success for the community and the team. ”

Other metaverse tokens known for their growing popularity are undoubtedly Axie Infinity (AXS), Decentraland (MANA), which are in the first and fourth place in the ranking of the best game projects with the largest discussion on social networks.

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