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TOP 5 shitcoins that can still suprise

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TOP 5 shitcoins that can still suprise

Over 5,000 altcoins have already been listed on However, the total amount of altcoins may be several times higher. It can even be a number in hundreds of thousands. However, most of them are not listed on the exchange and cannot be bought or sold. Since creating an altcoin is not a difficult job, virtually anyone can create it (our guide here). That’s why there are so many coins on the market. Here are strong TOP 100 projects by market capitalization that have not yet showed.


Beam (BEAM)


Beam is not one of those older projects. It has a little over a year’s history. This altcoin did not show big movements or volatility throughout the listing. Throughout 2019, this altcoin traded around $ 1.

Last year’s hard bear market at altcoins survived without loss, but at the moment when everything is growing, Beam mostly continues to consolidate. This is a strong fundamental project, so there is no doubt that when the time comes, Beam will make a big bullish move.


[crypto coins=”BEAM” columns=”1″]


Terra (LUNA)


Terra is a lesser known coin that has not been discussed much. It is a project that does not have much history. This altcoin first appeared on the stock exchange only 8 months ago. Gradually, however, begins to list several known exchanges, whether Bithumb or KuCoin.

Last year’s altcoin bear market only survived as it grew. At the moment he has not made more bullish movement. So if traders and larger exchanges notice this relatively hopeful altcoin, everything can change.


[crypto coins=”LUNA” columns=”1″]




MCO is mostly older altcoin. This MCO cryptocurrency project began to develop for the first time in 2016 and 2017. In the second half of the year, this altcoin was listed on larger exchanges. It is a strong fundamental project that aims to compete with banks. They provide transactions around the world through their own credit cards.

This altcoin reached its ATH in 2017. Since then, it has been consolidating for nearly 3 years and its price is around $ 6. Like Beam, it is waiting for the right moment when traders start buying it.


[crypto coins=”MCO” columns=”1″]


DigixDAO (DGD)


DGD is another of the older Altcoins that has already passed. Since the beginning of this project, the price has steadily stood. This altcoin was on its ATH exactly 2 years ago. Since then it has only been in the bear market. The DGD is starting to grow slowly, although it is still not a big appreciation.


[crypto coins=”DGD” columns=”1″]


VeChain (VET)


VET is like that … let’s call it a bonus coin. Although this altcoin has been successful for weeks, I personally think it has more. VET has prepared new targets in the road for several years. So it gradually progresses, just its price rather stagnates or even falls.


[crypto coins=”VET” columns=”1″]

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