May 16, 2021


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TOP 8 Celebrities and Their Relationship to Cryptocurrencies?

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TOP 8 Celebrities and Their Relationship to Cryptocurrencies?

Actors, singers or other artists. They have one thing in common. They are celebrities that today have really great possessions. And they invest their money in private as well as charity projects. Some of them adhere to the modern trend and therefore did not bypass cryptocurrencies. We will introduce eight known artists in connection with cryptocurrencies.


Ashton Kutcher


In addition to acting, this well-known actor devote to private companies. Some himself founded (BitPay) and some invested only (Uber, Airbnb). Several times his fans witnessed that he was comparing gold to Bitcoin on Twitter. So it is quite likely that he has some of his finances in this best known cryptocurrency.




Armando Christian Perez, famous artist a.k.a. Pitbull said he started investing in Bitcoin in 2012. It keeps track of the price of this cryptocurrency, but it no longer invests in it. He became HODLer.


Jamie Foxx


An outstanding American actor and comedian of Stand-UP comedy became interested in cryptocurrencies as early as 2017. On his Twitter account he promoted the less known cryptocurrency exchange Cobinhood, which is still working today.


Mel B


British singer and former member of the band Spice Girls was already selling her Christmas album for Bitcoin in 2014. After partnering with London’s CloudHashing, she became the first female artist in history to sell her music for BTC.




We will mention Ripple in addition to Bitcoin. It was this celebrity who supported the Ripple actions in 2018, during which funds for orphans from the African state of Malawi were collected.


Johnny Depp


In the fall of last year, actor Johnny Depp became a partner of the TaTaTu blockchain startup. This startup is dedicated to documentary filmmaking and digital content will be created according to agreements with this crypto project.


Lionel Messi


In the winter of 2017, the legendary player of Barcelona football club became the official global ambassador of the Israeli company Sirin Labs, which is developing the world’s first cryptocurrency smartphone called Finney. Messi shared this message on his Instagram.


Elon Musk

Despite denying interest in cryptocurrencies, this gentleman has announced on Twitter that he owns 0.25 BTC, which he has as a gift from a friend. He does not own or care about other cryptocurrencies. So what? Do we trust him?




There are hundreds of other celebrities in the world who have admitted ownership of some cryptocurrency, or at least admitted interest. Anyway, Bitcoin leads because he was the first and many of them “boarded” much earlier than some of you who read this article. So, did you find any of your favorites from above?

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