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Top five phones for playing Fornite: Which do You prefer?

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Fortnite is undoubtedly a very popular game. If you are also a fan, you know that it can be quite demanding on phone performance. No wonder, multiplayer matches for a hundred players in the open world simply have the potential to get the last remnants of power from the phone.

Top five phones for playing Fornite: Which do You prefer?

The best from the best : ASUS ROG Phone 2

Top five phones for playing Fornite: Which do You prefer?

ASUS ROG Phone 2 features a 6.6 ″ AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate to ensure truly smooth gaming. The others such as Google Pixel 4 or OnePlus 7T, cannot boast such a refresh rate, bcs offer “only” 90 Hz .

But even the best display would be nothing to play without enough power. Fortunately, ASUS ROG Phone 2 also has a lot to offer. The top Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ adds 12GB of RAM, which is definitely more than enough to play Fortnite but all other games.

You don’t have to worry about poor performance as well, while a powerful processor will not consume a lot of power in its load, but a gigantic 6000mAh battery will comfortably provide power for long gaming sessions.

In terms of gaming, it is simply a perfect phone. It even has adjustable RGB lights and an unprecedented triple of USB-C ports to connect all kinds of accessories. The only area in which it lags a bit is normal non-gaming use. It is a relatively heavy and fat smartphone, which goes against current design trends. Someone may also mind the lack of wireless charging and water resistance.

Best affordable option :Xiaomi Mi 9

For a smooth playing Fortnite will be enough a cheaper phone. It is Xiaomi Mi 9. The smartphone officially supports Fortnite in 60 FPS, which is certainly not true for all devices in this price range.

Top five phones for playing Fornite: Which do You prefer?

The 6.39 ″ AMOLED panel display provides good viewing angles and vivid colors, both are essential for gaming. Due to the price, the display only supports 60Hz refresh rate, which does not diminish the Fortnite gaming experience

Performance is then ensured by the 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 in combination with 6GB RAM, which is again a combination conveniently ensuring smooth running of Fortnite and other games.

The situation is slightly worse with a battery that has an average capacity of 3,300 mAh. In testing was comfortably enough for a day of normal use, but you have to expect faster discharge when playing intensively. Fortunately, however, the phone supports fast wireless charging and comes with an 18W adapter, so there should be no problem adding energy quickly.

In terms of normal non-gaming use then the phone probably not much to reproach, perhaps just the lack of waterproof. The aesthetic problem is also the back, which acts as a magnet for fingerprints. And you probably enjoy it when playing.

Best price / performance ratio: OnePlus 7 Pro

Not one of the two phones listed above suits you? Looking for something halfway between them? Then look no further, OnePlus 7 Pro meets these requirements. This smartphone is quite a good representative of the so-called flagship killer phone. The price is slightly lower than the flagship, but there are nearly not any compromises in hardware.

Top five phones for playing Fornite: Which do You prefer?

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 undoubtedly has enough power to play, and can be supplemented with up to 12GB of RAM, which will give you a reserve for years of playing to come. In this context, it is worth mentioning hilarious game “Fnatic Mode”, which limits all processes and data transmission in the background. All system resources are directed to achieve the best performance in Fortnite.

As for the display, it is again an AMOLED panel. And it should be said that a very good 6.67 ″ 1440px panel, which in the tests received a great rating. A refresh rate of 90 Hz ensures a completely smooth gaming experience.

The energy is supplied by a 4,000mAh battery, whose capacity is sufficient for a fairly stamina, although it cannot be measured with a full top. However, this is easy to forgive when we realize that in the box you will find a 30W charger that will charge the phone from zero to 50% in 20 minutes. On the contrary, wireless charging is missing.

If we were to criticize something, it would probably be uncertified water resistance. The phone should handle a short bath, but do not expect an IP rating.

Best Spectacle: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

If you’re looking for a visual experience, there’s probably no better choice than the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. Samsung’s premium smarphone offers a 6.8 ″ QHD AMOLED display, which is undoubtedly one of the best you can see on your phone. Samsung, apparently did not think of gamers in the design, and the screen has only a basic 60Hz refresh rate. Not that it damages the gaming experience in any way, but it is a pity that such fluency is not available as in much cheaper devices.

Top five phones for playing Fornite: Which do You prefer?

But this probably ends the list of negatives, smartphone is otherwise basically nothing to reproach. Definitely not performance: the 8-core Exynos 9825, accompanied by a generous portion of 12 GB of RAM, will really have no problem with Fortnite. In addition, Samsung has added a “Game Booster” feature to its phone that automatically optimizes the smartphone for maximum gaming performance.

Batteries with a capacity of 4,300 mAh are also above average, so you do not have to worry about early discharge. In addition, there is support for fast charging. The package includes a 25W adapter capable of recharging the battery to 65% in 30 minutes, and 15W wireless charging is also supported. However, it is also possible to buy an extra fast 45W charger, which then gets power to your phone in a flash.

The biggest negative is probably the price.

Best Apple: Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

All the aforementioned phones have one thing in common: they run on Android. If Google’s operating system isn’t your cup of tea, it’s a lot easier to choose. The best iOS phone to play Fortnite is clearly Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Top five phones for playing Fornite: Which do You prefer?

The big positive is the high-quality 6.5 ″ OLED display, which lets you see your enemies in the palm of your hand. Unfortunately, the refresh rate is only limited to a basic 60 Hz, which will be annoying in this price range.

However, what this iPhone really stands out is the battery: although the battery has “only” 3 969 mAh, but optimization is really brought to perfection. The iPhone 11 Pro Max outperformed other iPhones as well as all Android competitors in the endurance test.

You also don’t have to worry about performance. Of course, the Apple A13 Bionic processor has no problems with Fortnite. The 6GB of RAM is also fine, but it can theoretically mean some limitations in the future. Android competition already offers double capacity.

Clearly the most expensive phone ideal for playing Fortnite.

There are more possibilities

If our list of the best phones for Fortnite has not convinced you, you can still check the official list of compatible devices. Note, however, that compatibility is not an optimal gaming experience. Especially older phones from this list will have the problem of constantly achieving smooth frame rates.


  • Samsung Galaxy: S7 / S7 edge / S7 Active, S8 / S8+ / S8 Active, S9 / S9+, S10e / S10 / S10+ / S10 5G, Note 8, Note 9, Tab S3 / S3 WiFi, S4, A9 / A9 Pro, A70, A80, A90
  • Sony: Xperia XZ / XZ Premium, XZs, XZ1 / XZ1 Compact, XZ2 / XZ2 Premium / XZ2 Compact, XZ3, Xperia 1
  • LG: G5, G6, G7 ThinQ, V20, V30 / V30+, V50
  • OnePlus: 3, 3T, 5, 5T, 6, 6T, 7 and 7 Pro
  • Xiaomi: Blackshark, Mi 5 / 5S / 5S Plus, 6 / 6 Plus, Mi 8 / 8 Explorer, Mi Mix / Mi Mix 2 / Mi Mix 2S, Mi Note 2, Poco F1
  • Google: Pixel / Pixel XL, Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3 / Pixel 3 XL
  • Asus: ROG Phone, Zenfone 4 Pro, 5Z, V
  • Essential: PH-1
  • Nokia: 8, 8.1/X7
  • Razer: Phone / Phone 2
  • ZTE: Axon 7 / 7s, Axon M, Nubia / Z17 / Z17s, Nubia Z11
  • HTC: 10, U Ultra, U11/ U11+, U12+
  • Lenovo: Moto Z/Z Droid, Moto Z3, Moto Z2 Force
  • Huawei: HONOR 10, HONOR Play, HONOR Mate 10 / Pro, HONOR Mate RS, HONOR Nova 3, HONOR P20 / Pro, HONOR V10, HONOR View20, HONOR Mate 20 / X / Pro

Other phones meeting the minimum requirements may also be compatible. It is Android 8 or later, 64-bit processor, minimum 3GB RAM and GPU Adreno 530 or higher, Mali-G71 MP20, Mali-G72 MP12 or higher.


  • iPhone
    • SE
    • 6S
    • 6S Plus
    • 7
    • 7 Plus
    • 8
    • 8 Plus
    • X, Xs, Xs Max, a Xr
  • iPad
    • Mini 4
    • Air 2
    • 2017
    • Pro

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