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Traders worry about the worst after 8% fall

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Traders worry about the worst after 8% fall

Yesterday early in the morning the price of bitcoin fell by 8%. After a few days without action, the price level $ 6700, which until then had provided long-lasting and quality support, failed. Investors in cryptocurrencies are starting to worry about the worst. Will there be another wave of sales?


Cryptocurrencies again showed that they move along with stocks. They closed on Friday in the US in red. In response, the cryptocurrency king was humiliated by 8%. The price of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency fell from 6600 to $ 6100. The sale wave hit most alternative cryptocurrencies.


Shares began to fall in response to the unstoppable wave of coronavirus in the US. Donald Trump had to act immediately and ordered the automakers to start producing tens of thousands of lung ventilators. Despite this, the US seems to be on the same way as Italy soon, and may even overtake it in the absence of public health.


However, the image does not seem to be very friendly, either from a technical perspective. Trader DonAlt shared his opinion, who managed to get Twitter on his social network for his idea of ​​1200 Like. This is a great consensus in the cryptocurrency world.


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