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TradingView is now valued at $ 3 billion after a new investment

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TradingView is now valued at $ 3 billion after a new investment

The trader social network secured a $ 298 million investment. Accordingly, TradingView is currently valued at 3 billion US dollars.

The trading chart platform was able to raise a total of 298 million US dollars in a new funding round. From a Press release of October 14, it appears that TradingView through the investment of Tiger Global is now valued at $ 3 billion. The charting platform is known, among other things, for mapping the price trend of cryptocurrencies.

The chart giant recently reported strong growth over the past 18 months with a customer base in over 180 countries. Accordingly, the created user accounts increased by 400 percent during this period. Also learned TradingView an increase in platform visitors, which is not insignificant at 238 percent. The company can now book 30 million monthly users of its services.

Denis Globa, CEO and Co-Founder of TradingView, commented on the new funding. He said that the new cooperation with Tiger Global “Can make a significant contribution” to “advancing TradingView’s vision of informed financial trading and investing for the world”. He also stated:

We built this company with the belief that people everywhere want the same thing: to be in control of their own economic future. We are working towards this by creating an environment where all traders and investors can look and then jump. No matter who you are or where you come from, you will always have access to the best tools and insights to help you find the right trading opportunities and then trade.

Denis Globa, CEO and Co-Founder of TradingView

Investments in crypto

New on board the trading platform is Tiger Global, an investment company based in the United States. It becomes clear that the investor is all about crypto. The company recently made a new investment for MoonPay Headlines. The young crypto payment service provider got away with it with an above-average valuation of 3.4 billion US dollars. It remains to be seen what TradingView in terms of crypto space.

Alex Cook, Partner at Tiger Global, stated:

TradingView’s global reach, strong product offering and committed customer base position the company as the standard platform for social networking and financial analysis used by all traders and investors.

Alex Cook, Partner at Tiger Global

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