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Twitch co-founder’s gaming NFT platform officially launched

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After ads and blows, the new marketplace for gaming NFTs “Fractal” by Twitch live streaming platform co-founder Justin Kan was officially launched on Thursday.

The launch announcement was made by Justin Kan himself on his Twitter account. The co-founder of Twitch partners with media entrepreneurs Robin Chan, David Wurtz and Mike Angell on the project.


Also according to Kan publications, the launch is taking place in partnership with large blockchain gaming communities.

The list includes Aurory Project, Genopets, SolChicks, Caveworld, Mini Royale, Nyan Heroes, Panzerdogs, Portals, Photo Finish Game, Syn City HQ and The Sandbox Game.

Kan reinforced that NFTs are not yet for sale:

“Please note that our Fractal NFTs are not currently available for sale. We are working on it and it could take a few days.”

What is Fractal?

Fractal is a primary and secondary market for NFTs that are useful in games. Game companies can make NFTs available to their fans. Also, players can sell NFTs to each other on the p2p market.

“Players will now have their assets in-game and will be able to take them wherever they go,” said Kan. “Durable digital assets through NFTs are the future of gaming. We’ve partnered with some of the most innovative game companies on the blockchain Solana to bring that future forward.”

As Kan pointed out, after the initial announcement more than 100,000 people joined the project’s Discord channel.

“Players are excited about blockchain games. And we are excited about all the new experiences that will be made possible by them.”

To reward the first users who joined the community, Fractal will distribute 100,000 exclusive NFTs.

These tokens will unlock future benefits for their holders within the Fractal community and potentially in third-party games.

“Fractal is a gamer marketplace made by gamers. We believe it can help bring new audiences to discover NFTs and the possibilities offered by our Metaverse games. Therefore, we are happy to see that users will soon be able to trade, sell their virtual NFTs and game resources on Fractal,” said Sebastien Borget, co-founder and COO of The Sandbox .

Strike involving Fractal

The race to launch, however, had an incident. As reported by CriptoFácil, before the launch, a bot used in the project’s Discord channel was hacked.

The hacker posted a link to a fake NFTs website in the ad channel that drained more than $152,000 in Solana (SOL).

Kan later reimbursed these losses.

“To be more secure, type the URL into your browser. Clicking a link in Discord or in the email can direct you to a fake site that looks like ours but is written with a capital ‘i’ at the end,” Kan said on Twitter at the launch of the platform.

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