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Twitter allows you to add a cryptocurrency wallet address to your account

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IN our article yesterday We have informed you that the leading social network Twitter seems to be testing the integration of BTC Lightning Network technology into its upcoming “Tip Jar” service for rewarding content creators with small “tips”. This information was confirmed and at the same time other interesting facts came to the surface.

Twitter was founded by one of BTC’s biggest fans, Jack Dorsey, which records the assumption that this social network could be the leader in its category in the adoption of cryptocurrencies. And that seems to confirm.

The integration of Lightning Network for instant and cheap BTC transactions into the Tip Jar service was confirmed yesterday by a Twitter developer Kayvon Beykpour, which in its status indicated that we will see this functionality soon. This means that in the near future, Twitter content creators will be able to reward their audience with small tips in BTC via the Lightning Network.

Users will also add their crypto addresses

But that’s not all. Alessandro Paluzzi, who was the first to publish a screenshot of the Lightning Network integration into Twitter yesterday, showed another screenshot, which this time shows that Twitter users will be able to add to their profile. BTC address and also the wallet address for the cryptocurrency ETH. In addition, they will be able to send a “tip” via the application Cash App from Square (also the company of Jack Dorsey) and through PayPal.

MacRummors reported yesterday that content creators who want to receive donations through the Lightning Network will first need to pair their Twitter account with Jack Mallers’ Stike Wallet. According to these screenshots, however, it looks like it will not be necessary and other BTC wallets will have support. However, as the “Tip Jar” project is still in the testing phase, we will have to wait for some time for the final version and the list of supported BTC wallets.

Dorsey is building interesting bridges for BTC

Even the latest Twitter initiative confirms that Jack Dorsey uses his companies to support the adoption of BTC. Square is working intensively on an open-source hardware wallet for BTC, Twitter will support the Lightning Network, and another development team is building a genuine decentralized exchange office (DEX) for BTC. In addition, Square has held BTC on its balance sheet for some time and is investing in millions of Americans. Dorsey thus creates a robust ecosystem that can help both his companies and BTC as such. In particular, the adoption of the Lightning Network is extremely important for the use of BTC as currency. All these products, from the hardware wallet, through DEX to the “tips” on Twitter, should support it.

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