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Twitter launches cryptocurrency team

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Twitter is by far the social network closer to the world of cryptocurrencies. For some time now, the possibility of giving has been activated on selected accounts tip in BTC. In addition Jack Dorsey it’s a supporter from BTC rather turned on.

Now though Twitter would seem to want to do one step additional, with a team dedicated to cryptocurrencies, which will also take care of supporting the decentralized apps. Very important news for the whole sector – with Twitter which could enlarge yours views even beyond BTC.

Twitter is serious: the team in the hands of Tess Rinearson

A new team, entirely dedicated to cryptocurrencies, which will ignore the initial infatuation of the group for BTC. Despite Jack Dorsey, leader of the group, is a maximalist BTC without ifs and buts, the social network would also be ready to open up to the world of other blockchains and other cryptocurrencies. As reported in the tweet who announced the birth of the team.

I have built the team and we will work to understand what crypto can do for Twitter, and what Twitter can do for crypto. Twitter really understands cryptocurrencies (“Hello NFTe tip in BTC”) but there is a lot more to do and explore in this area. First, we will try to understand how we can support the growing interest among content creators in using decentralized apps to manage virtual goods and currencies, and support their work and the communities that are created around them. Looking further, we will try to understand how the ideas coming from the crypto community can help us push the boundaries of what is possible with identity, community, ownership and more. We will of course work closely with the BlueSky team to help define the future of decentralized social media (and to make sure Twitter stays at the frontier of the new scenario).

A very broad declaration of intent, which if it were to have followed in practice would do much more than it does Facebook is doing with his metaverse, of which very little is still known.

The big tech companies all on cryptocurrencies

Despite Tim Cook’s denial yesterday, who claimed that Apple will not invest in crypto – despite being an investor himself – the big American tech companies are already all hands and feet immersed in the crypto world.

Microsoft is experimenting with a BTC-based authentication management system, while Twitter already supports tip in $ BTC and also i NFT. We will be facing a revolution absolutely epochal – which will pass from those companies that live more on the technological frontier.

Even if Facebook has folded, despite being the centralized company par excellence, nothing less is to be expected from other social networks. Also Reddit has done so, a sign that the waterfall effect is finally coming.

Taproot: Big BTC update is imminent

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