April 17, 2021


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Twitter May Soon Introduce an ‘Undo’ and a ‘Shop’ Button

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  • Twitter is experimenting with a timer-based Undo button that would retract published tweets.
  • The social media platform is also looking to introduce “Twitter Cards” with “Shop” buttons.
  • Right now, nothing is confirmed as “coming,” and there’s a lot going on in the testing phase.

Twitter is reportedly testing out some new features that would have a notable impact on how users engage in the social media platform. First, there’s a rumor around introducing an Undo button that will be given to the users along with a set timer, allowing them to take down a published tweet within a given time.

Twitter’s CEO hinted at “something short of a solution” that would be introduced instead of the widely requested edit button. Now reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong has presented her findings around what that could be.

Reuters has independently verified this rumor and confirmed that the feature is being tested with a Twitter spokeswoman. Apparently, an “undo send” system has topped a relevant user survey that the platform held last year, asking people which features they would like to see if they were paying for a subscription on Twitter. That said, the undo button may arrive soon, but it could only be made available to “Premium,” paying users.

Speaking of which, Twitter has already given away various clues about its experimentation with subscription systems, including the tentative idea of “Super Follows” and also locked user groups. But that’s not all of it. Reportedly, Twitter is also experimenting with a new shopping system involving a new “Twitter Card” featuring a “Shop” button that would enable users to immediately order what they see on a Tweet.

According to Twitter, this is again just one in a long list of experiments that the company is looking into right now, so we may or may not see it in the end. Possibly, whatever makes sense from the aspect of commercialization will land on the social media platform in one form or another. What will not come, ever, is that edit button. Not even with a short timer or an indicator to alert the reader about the edits.

Twitter is undoubtedly large and strong, and it keeps growing bigger, but introducing features that can fundamentally alter its character is always a gamble. Commercialization could make users feel lost in it, and subscriptions could make others feel cut, but it all depends on how things end up being implemented. So all in all, we’ll have to wait and see.


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