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U.S. Senator in the U.S. Senate: “Thank God for BTC!”

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Wyoming Sen. Cynthia Lummis has warned that the United States is plunging into a huge debt trap, with many non-government digital currencies being the starting point for many people in a state of crisis.

Cynthia Lummis, who became one of BTC’s loudest supporters in the Senate, spoke to her colleagues about the risks posed to the United States by the latest increase in the government debt limit to $ 28.9 trillion. Democrats and Republicans agreed on this increase at the last minute to avoid the risk of defaulting on the national debt. The signed legislation has increased the debt ceiling by another $ 480 billion by December. Democrats have gained some extra time to reach an agreement to resolve the US debt issue for the coming years. However, Republicans told them not to count on their support in December.

BTC is more credible to her than the government

However, the very fact that the US has a potential problem in repaying its debts leads Lummis to increasingly trust in decentralized BTC, which is under no government control and has clearly defined inflation. BTC is known to never have more than 21 million “coins” and it is also clearly and invariably predefined that its inflation is halved every four years due to the effect known as halving. Just to illustrate, current BTC inflation is similar to estimated gold inflation.

“The presidents of both parties, over and over again, have repaid their debts irresponsibly and have no plan to solve this problem. Thank God for BTC and other non-classical currencies that go beyond irresponsible governments, including ours. ” Lummis said in the U.S. Senate Thursday. Her statement immediately began to spread through social media, thanks to the effect of criticism of the set policy and perhaps historically the most obvious support of BTC by a high-ranking American politician.

BTC loudly supports

Lummis recently admitted that she had invested another more than $ 50,000 in BTC. In February, she launched the Financial Innovation Caucus project to educate her colleagues in the Senate about BTC and other cryptocurrencies. Several times in the past, during the debates on BTC and cryptocurrencies, it has been shown in the Senate that the legislators do not understand the issue at all and cannot even explain at length what BTC is. Lummis also tried to support the crypto during the negotiations on the Infrastructure Bill, when the process of its approval was resolved in the Senate.

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