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Ukrainian president returned the cryptocurrency law to parliament

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Ukrainian President Voldomyr Zelensky returned the law for regulation of digital assets to parliament, which was approved in it on September 8. Zelensky is not satisfied with some of the points that, in his opinion, need to be adjusted.

According to a statement from the presidency, the law on the regulation of cryptocurrencies in Ukraine was not according to the president’s ideas, and his office proposed to the parliament several improvements to be addressed by parliament.

Zelensky, for example, does not like the fact that the law proposes the creation of a new Digital Assets Authority. He himself would have preferred them to be overseen by the National Securities and Stock Market Commission, which, according to its charter, reports directly to the President of Ukraine.

From the above, it is clear that Zelensky has no objections to the law on the regulation of cryptocurrencies as such, but wants him to be optimized according to his ideas and probably that he himself has greater powers in this matter.

Ukraine likes cryptocurrencies

Ukraine is generally perceived as a pro-BTC landscape. More than 700,000 civil servants admitted to having some kind of investment in cryptocurrencies. These include city officials and some high-ranking politicians. Some rumors even say that Zelensky would like to make BTC in Ukraine the second legal tender next to the Ukrainian hryvnia by 2023. The law itself should help the country make progress. in the field of cryptocurrencies and attract new investment to it.

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