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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro pays doctors with cryptocurrencies

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro pays doctors with cryptocurrencies

Nicolas Maduro has decided to pay off to every doctor cryptocurrency Petro. This is to thank for fighting a new coronavirus infection. But what can they do with a newly acquired cryptocurrency?

The Venezuelan government decided to seize the opportunity to strengthen the adoption of its cryptocurrency by distributing it to front-line doctors. Non-traditional thanks, however, encourages the question what doctors should do with such a cryptocurrency.

The government and local information sites reported about the news on Twitter.

A special bonus in the form of a cryptocurrency for doctors is to be distributed through the “Patria System” platform, which was created to circumvent traditional banks. The Venezuelan Government thus offers various subsidies, funds and other socio-economic support options for the people. This platform also has a built-in wallet for Petro.

This bonus system is very popular all over South America. Peru, Brazil, Argentina and others offer similar bonuses for the most important and well-behaved citizens. However, in the hands of the dictatorial regime, this project may turn out to be ruined.

How much does one Petro cost?

It is not so easy to determine. The Venezuelan government rates one Petro at $ 60. However, there is much less in the local markets. For $ 18.

So this is not a miraculous amount, but it can help in Venezuela.

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