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Verasity boom – partnership with Axie Infinity

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Verasity – before the broad correction that hit all or most of the sector indiscriminately – it stood out for its excellent performance in an otherwise flat market.

A performance that could only attract attention of many fans of blockchain, from cryptocurrencies and also of speculation. With something new though, because despite the fact that we are in the world of blockchain linked, at a certain level, to gaming, Verasity points to a decidedly particular system.

What is Verasity and why it is (is) growing so strongly

When we talk about VRA from Verasity we are talking about a cryptocurrency linked to doublophile in the world of gaming and of esports. We are in fact facing a project that aims to offer an entire infrastructure for hosting tournaments, role-playing and advertising campaigns, using the same token. Everything that gets passed on Verasity platform generates revenues, which are then transferred back to the community always having as through the token of reference.

The platform video it can also be organized as an economy in its own right, proposing to those who use it methods of monetization more direct than those typically offered by streaming platforms classic. In a sense a Twitch decentralized – even if in reality there is much more behind this protocol, which is interesting both on a commercial level and on a more purely technological one.

Axie Infinity behind the recent token boom

The boom, then pulverized at least for now by correction which involved the whole sector, is due to one partnership with one of the gaming protocols most important in the world regarding the blockchain. Let’s talk about Axie Infinity for the Galaxie Cup, one of the very first events in style Tournament – with the participation of FTX, for lovers of the most popular of the games on the blockchain of the moment.

A partnership of this type could only have very important implications in terms of attention – and therefore of price. Something that has been, at least for the moment, stopped by the correction that has affected the entire market without distinction.

What we believe is that the increase in reach, including commercial, of VRA will continue to be important – probably in the near future as well better known names of the world of world gaming. And that therefore we could take advantage of this state of market turmoil, possibly, to include it in our portfolio.

Tokenization makes ETFs disappear

All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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