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Volatility decreases: Investors expect a big price jump

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Volatility decreases: Investors expect a big price jump

While the world economy has been experiencing the worst period of the past decade, Bitcoin is on the same trajectory. Does not want to leave the level 6200 – 6800 USD. The ever-decreasing volatility indicates that we are facing a big price jump. Investors, however, fear that falling volatility and shrinking trading volumes do not bode well.


The world economy is slowly shaking off the shocks it experienced in early March thanks to huge financial injections.


Prominent cryptocurrency analyst Anondran pointed out on the social network that declining volatility does not bode well. It is the smallest in the last 14 days, which has been shown several times as a critical time. It was last at this level on March 11, 2020, when the price began to fall steadily, reaching 50% loss to $ 3,600.



Investors are therefore preparing for a big move. It is not a crystal ball divination, but a legitimate technical analysis that is often used by most top traders under the name of Bollinger Bands. The largest exchange office Binance even ranked it among the five most important indicators.

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