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Walmart secretly activated 200 BTC ATMs

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Walmart Bitcoin ATMs

Walmart plans to install up to 8,000 BTC ATMs in the United States. 200 ATMs are already running in the pilot program.

Walmart is moving slowly but surely!

Walmart began working with Coinstar and CoinMe, a crypto-fiat exchange company, to help install 200 BTC ATMs in their stores across the United States.

Although this pilot project currently includes only 200 units, Walmart plans to own it for final launch up to 8,000 full-fledged ATMs all over the country. No further details are available on when the wholesaler will launch this project.

There are currently more than 25,000 BTC ATMs in selected grocery stores and gas stations in the United States.

“Walmart is expanding access to BTC to more and more people, and with this step we are trying to gain the credibility of our customers against cryptocurrency. Including all skeptics,” said Walmart management.

The fee will definitely not please you

Customers can use this ATM by simply inserting banknotes into it and then receiving a paper document with a code. If the client wishes to redeem this code, they will need to create an account on CoinMe. Furthermore, it will only complete this rather simple process. Customers are not yet able to send or withdraw BTC from their bank account, for which Walmart must prepare the necessary plans and various other details.

But ATMs will have up to 11% fee. Walmart has long been interested in cryptocurrencies and is actively seeking and researching various projects to support the company’s digital currency strategy.

In September, however, a curious situation occurred when the news came out that Walmart would be accept Litecoin. However, this report was immediately rejected and the price returned to the original, from where it flew. After this report, of course, skepticism and criticism arose when people saw how similar events could move the price.

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