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Want to play and earn 500,000 litoshi? Keep balance in this game!

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Want to play and earn 500,000 litoshi? Keep balance in this game!


And here we have another game for Android maniacs, who besides playing on the phone want to get some crypto. Today’s game is a little different, mainly because the number of litoshi (Litecoin satoshi) you influence directly your skill. Let’s go! Install Photon Pong!


Finally, the use of gyroscope in phones?


You can download Photon Pong in Google Play. The basic element in this game is the gyroscope. The basic principle of the game is to reflect the ball so that you do not miss it. With each reflection, the reflection area decreases and the difficulty increases. As soon as the ball leaves the court, points / litoshi will be added to your account. And you can go again.


Graphically, this is a very simple game that can still be developed. It would be nice to add some other interesting options to get litoshi in addition to bouncing balls.


For the handiness of the reward at LTC!


This game is challenging after ten good reflected balls. The basic reward is 10 points (1 litoshi) for reflection. You get 100 points (10 litoshi) for catching a star. The payout can be sent every three days due to network congestion.


Even more interesting, however, is that the minimum number of litoshi paid is not defined. Photon Pong pays only to Coinbase account. You must enter your Litecoin wallet address from your Coinbase account.


Referral system that pays off!


By extending the game to your friends, you can earn up to 40% of your referrals claim. Not many games offer such high percentages, so it is worth trying to get as many players as possible. If you get at least 10 referrals, and they upload 5,000 litoshi every three days, you get 20,000 litoshi on top of your uploads.




Of course, we are not going to publish our referral links here, it is not our goal to get some litoshi, but to introduce you games that will bring them mainly to you. And besides the reward, you have a good time.

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