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WARNING – The new Cerberus Trojan will even steal your secure Coinbase account!

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WARNING - The new Cerberus Trojan will even steal your secure Coinbase account!

ThreatFabric, an Internet security threat monitoring company, highlights a new version of the Trojan horse known as Cerberus. The improved version appeared earlier this year and comes with features that make it a real threat. Cerberus can completely control your phone and even gets into applications protected by two-factor authentication.


Cerberus has a long list of targets. These include the largest banking applications, but also the application of stock exchanges or cryptocurrency wallets. Google Authenticator and PIN won’t help.


If Cerberus gets on your device, the attacker will be able to completely block or control it remotely.


The good news is that the latest version of Cerberus is not selling yet. This is claimed by ThreatFabric, which has noticed that there are no ads on the darknet yet. Probably only in the testing phase.


How to protect yourself?


Update your phone to the latest version of Android. It should have the least security holes. Do not download programs from insecure sources and strange, less used applications. The Google Store isn’t perfect either.


If you hold more coins on your mobile, invest in a hardware wallet such as a Safe or Ledger. These will provide you with sufficient protection and the attacker will not get into them even if you connect them to the infected mobile.

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