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We will soon be able to pay for parking in cryptocurrencies

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Belgian startup for smart parking Seety allowed its customers to pay for parking in cryptocurrencies. Parking for BTC, ETH or Dogecoin is currently only possible in Antwerp and Brussels. However, all indications are that the application will be extended to other cities.

Parking for cryptocurrencies

The local news daily DataNews came with the news that the Belgian application Seety allowed clients to buy parking tickets for cryptocurrencies. So far, this offer only applies to two Belgian cities, Antwerp and Brussels.

Customers who want to take advantage of the new application options can choose from seven cryptocurrencies. These are specifically BTC, ETH, BTC Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dai and USD coin. They could accept more cryptocurrencies in the future.

The Seety application, created by Hadrien Crespin and Nicolas Cognaux, works not only in Belgium, but also in France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. On its official website, the company boasts more than 350,000 active members. This year, Seety expects income of 400,000 euros.

For society, the use of cryptocurrencies to pay for parking spaces is an indicator of how cryptocurrencies will eventually gain greater acceptance in everyday micro-transactions. The company’s founders are among the big supporters of cryptocurrencies.


The adoption of cryptocurrencies is again a little closer to all of us. If the Belgian startup succeeds in other cities as well, we could look forward to paying for parking for cryptocurrencies in the very near future. Interest in paying in the form of cryptocurrencies would initially be lower.

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